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saint jude

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Saint Jude sing out in a mess of grisly guitars, swirling organ and tapered harmonies that have become synonymous with their dynamic live show.

They have released three full length albums of sweet melody and soul.

Saint Jude are Ryan McCarthy (guitar), Brendan McMahon (keys), Brooke Penrose (guitar), Sam Johnstone (drums), Steve Harris (keys) and Mick Stylianou (bass).


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by Saint Jude

SIX. The first single from Saint Jude's upcoming album, also called Six

Written by Brooke Penrose, Steve Harris, Sam Johnstone, Mick Stylianou, Brendan McMahon and Ryan McCarthy.

Performed by Saint Jude

Recorded and Produced by Brooke Penrose at Captain B Studios.

  • 3:46
    Saint Jude